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Phone Call

Ring! Ring!

"Hello? Dry Hea(t)(ve) Video. Barney speaking."

"Hey Yeah you make movies?"

"Video, yes, not film."

"Yeah, video movie. You do video movies?"


"& Specialized Effects & animation"

"Our specialty!"

"Well, I wanna do a video movie."

"OK ... how long?"

"How long? ... hmmm ... hey! ... two hours ... I wanna do a two hour movie!"

"Two hours! That's a big production ... who's going to watch it?"

"Everyone man, everyone in the world!
The depressed the repressed the reposessed the deprocessed
every underdog & overdog
rulers rulees
children teens adults senior citizens
lovers losers wannabes what ifs what fors
the lonely the come froms the going tos
everyone man
everyone in the whole freakin' world!"

"Lots huh? ... hmmm ... OK ... Do you have a script?"

"A script?"

"Yeah, a script, the story, what the movie is about, what happens."

"Yeah I gotta sortta script, an idea then Jesus will write the rest."

"Um ... sigh ... I see ... what exactly is this about?"

"It's about Jesus. That's what it's about."

"And so ..."

"So? Jesus comes down from A Mountain. It's night ya see, the darkest blackest night in a long age of darkest desolation. Midnight. Saturday night & drinkers are drinkin', junkies junkin', whores whorin', everyone lost ya know, empty & without hope, nothing but party on, sin & the Devil, lost man, everyone lost."

"And Jesus comes down?"

"Yeah, all doves & golden light - big effects man, flash of organ music top of A Mountain stroke of midnight."


"Then there's the walkin', all that walkin'. Jesus comes down that mountain."


"Counterclockwise! You got it man like Jerico. Down down into town where all the whores & junkies they be hangin' all nodding out, sinning, everyone captured by evil. He jus passes by doesn't say anything jus passes the simple fact of being in his light is enough, though sometimes he looks down, smiles. They all rise up cleansed, junkies forget about their junkin', whores forget about their whorin', sinners no longer sinnin'. They follow him, a mighty army of the cleansed, they follow him ..."

"& then what happens?"

"I dunno man. I haven't gotten that far. I think he crosses the freeway ... So, what do ya think?"

"Well, it's a good start. All these effects & extras & filming at night, the story worked on. It's going to cost some money."

"No man, not about the movie. What do you think about Jesus?"

"Huh? Me?"

"Yeah you. What do you think of Jesus?"

"You mean me personal like?"

"Of course! You!"

"Sigh ... Well it's a bit complicated ..."

"Complicated? Jesus is simple man. Jesus is easy."

"I think not ... Jesus to me just doesn't work. All the horror done following a name. This idea of a being, a creature if you will. I'm more into dynamics, spiritual beauty of the vast interplay of structure & time ..."

"Dynamics! Jesus is dynamic! A dynamical dynamo of cleansing power."

"OK OK ... listen ... How are you going to pay for this thing? Do you have a budget?"

"Jesus will provide."

"I see. Well, when he does give me a call & we can work out a deal."

"But man, we need this thing, the world needs this thing."

"I understand, but I need a budget, I need to pay myself & others."

"Humph ... OK God Bless you man."

"I can deal with that. Thanks & goodbye."



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Didn't make the rent
Didn't make the rent

Randy with deer
Randy with deer

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