alan catlin


Flying Dutchman

Not the lost mine
through labyrinthine
mazing throughout
his brain like a
suggesting inaccessible
false starts, blind
passegways leading
nowhere, chimerical
lights at the end of
tunnels-behind the eyes-
was not the ship dis-
appearing in the nightfogs
either-all hands lost
on board but one left
to wander among the
damned marked as
Cain- a lifelong avoid
ance of mirrors his fate
fearing what was left
inside straining to
get out


Senior Citizen Surprise

Metamucil and Grey Goose Citron

She told the new
nurse's aide that
her dad hadn't
looked that perky
in years-was almost
as if he had a new
lease on life or
had acquired a reason
to go on-whatever
it is you're doing-
keep up the good
work-Don't you
worry none-the aide
said-it's all in
the daily tonics
I give them-gets
them up & ready for
a new day with a
bang & a shout-
never seen it fail
to work yet


She should have

been wearing a
shirt instead of
the form fitting
pullover that
emphasized her
breasts that
launched a 1,000
ships though
the hot pants
attached to her
rear end almost
blew the effect
suggesting a-later
in life-war between
slut and slob
judging by the way
the labels of her
Jockey underwear
for women & the GAP
pants were exposed
for all to see-
made me think-
first the slut
wins then the
slob takes over


alan catlin


     Alan Catlin has been tending bar in the semi-legendary Washington Tavern in Albany New York for longer than he cares to admit and for more time than most of the people he works with have been alive (roughly twenty two years) He's been publishing for over twenty five years and recently published The Leper's Kiss, fourth volume of the Killer Drink series available from Four Sep or from the author.

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