jim christ


iridescent flight
(dragonflied by)

lids danced to REM's.
wings fluttered through.

she'd slipped from blue kimono
while sleeps embrace reached in.

jasmine hint touched breeze
of fine veined wings.

dreams turned, chartreuse pulsed,
winked goodbye as cobalt right by



ghetto teeth (drive by pearling)

don't worry that pretty little head
you're poem waiting to happen
driving through a writers block

there you are waiting for a bus
hair just washed
Sitting Buffalo

proud and bored at once

here I am
Intrepid bubbled zoom
head pointing your way

the weight of my smiling stare
petroleum propelled
sideways glance straight at your pupils

so shoot me with
your ghetto teeth
one grin can change this world

surprized, you missed!

(collaboration with D. Menendez)


goodbye to the last drug
(choco sayonara)

to you who melted in my mouth
to you so sweet and sticky smooth
to you brewed bitter slipping down
my tastebuds scream
yo choco

to you with peanuts ground right up
to you of almonds half flat round
to you which cover puffed rice
and coconut moundy mounds
saliva floods go desert now
goodbye choco


a few off-beat whacku

where is Kerouac
if not in all we write here
mission in the rain
finally read it
long after Richard triggered
bolinas good byes
Jerryless rafael
river without Katey Wolf
Otis haunts the bay
scatter petals
ghost fruit
soon six feet under
glass half filled or half empty
pocket full of now
sun rose bluewhite
second dawn from the west
megatons glare



jim christ

all things considered
(theotherside) audio
     author is currently a technical illustrator/graphic artist of northern california. he was born in New York and moved to Los Angeles in the mid 60's. After adolescence in LA and a tour in the Air Force, max relocated to San Francisco and then Sonoma County where he started a serigraphy studio and service as well as jobbing at everything from construction to truck-driving. As founder and manager of Wild Boar Productions, Jim promoted and produced Truck Competitions and Shows as well as musical events in small and large venues in the wine country of northern California as well as contributing studio work and graphix. Has been described as an ocean that's only six inches deep.

     At this time is assembling a body of work in linocut and woodcut in preparation for a show at the California Museum of Fine Art in Santa Rosa (this is going very slowly).

     When Jim isn't working, he's usually scribbling down these little groups of symbols that somehow paint the edges of this thing called life.

climbmax aka jim christ

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