carter monroe


taxi rearranged

zoot suit hoot in a pervasive ballroom
a gigaloed kick in a pensive limousine
chest hairs and medallions cutting through
silver dollars, new clothes, and pushups

gotta keep in shape, it’s gonna get metaphysical
auras salute you in sin ignited betrayal
the booby prize is a chance to become god
you can wield your power to lower the price

of gas and cigarettes – rolling papers are cheap enough


the way it was

ah, for the old days
when the stream flowed
unabashed like a medieval
spring on some decadent hill
the vocabulary was as tight
as the sequential hat band
the tuning in to the visions
was something less than meticulous

i was a recorder long ago and proud
to be such in a vague “something akin to”
oxygen was not a concern
as i pulled my way to an artifice

there was no pilfering – no conscious plight
no necessary crafting – no trepidation
no wanton longing for a buried intellect
i simply recorded and went to dinner


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Parallel Enigmas
Parallel Enigmas

Carter Monroe with Eric C. Harrison

Third Lung Press

carter monroe

     Carter Monroe lives, works, and writes in the provinces. His novel, Journey, was published in January 2001. He participated in a conspiratorial effort with Robert Canipe and Tim Peeler entitled Writers on the Storm. Both of these books can be purchased at most major book chains as well as the traditional internet outlets. Recent poems and stories have appeared in Poems Niederngasse, Poethia, Third Lung Review, Thunder Sandwich, The Americana Poetry Consortium, Lost and Found Times, and The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature.

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