jeff filipski

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recoiled by acid reflux
faith sits lost and frothing
like a thirsty dog
man bangs head off brick walls
tongue unable to reach mons of life
extended, parasites escape from shadows
seeking moist heat of
pulsating cylinder of light
self esteem shelved by stupidity
dangles feet
from high above watching
honor murdered by candied tomes
knifed by false smile and cold fish hand

my testicles
are emanating
white light
I wear an
angels halo like
a cock ring
yet the metal teeth of lust
sawing through my scrotum
make me a eunuch.
gaunt and bloodless
i try comedy
cheap rum
riddles with plum
riddles my gum
riddles with crumb
associate slur forbidden
dwarf wearing calvin
displays label
cain and label
cain and libel
biblical fly bell
bible fly
fguck my fly
fguck me silly...

Jeff Filipski

featured at the
art conspiracy

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Jeff Filipski is originally from Buffalo NY
An artist for over twenty yrs
A member of E.B.M.A. Jazz and Poetry Ensemble
His voice appears on "Enjambment"
His laugh appears on Kurt Nimmos "Bongo Moon
some of his visuals have appeared in:
Deluxe Rubber Chicken
Non Compos Mentis Press
Atticus Review
Pure Light
The Hold
Fubbles Press
There are others whose memories are mostly thought manifest several of which are a product of extensive brain damage and/or are simply not memorable enough to mention...
He tours florida with his artwork trying to convince tourists that his wild forms are really fish, indigenous wildlife, very disturbing still lifes and neuro-self-portraiture...

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