Didi Menendez


Thank You Officer. Goodnight.

The only man
I fucked
in the ocean,
by the ocean
in public
and I caught
by a tom cat,
peeping cop
as he made
his rounds
making his quota
getting off couples
by the causeway
by the ocean
a yellow moon
to the crashes
of black waves
and the radio
as it played
fly robin fly.

His hand
entered our half
open window;
a cat's paw
trying to catch
a goldfish.

I was about
ready to come.
I didn't let him
see my
glistening breast,
my sweaty pussy,
my bare ass.

I pulled down my knees
from missionary position.

Fake leather
bucket seats
of my new
1980 Toyota

His weapon
flashed onto our
salty bodies.

I turned my eyes away,
slipped a translucent ghost
upon me
as the only man
I have fucked
in the ocean
by the ocean
in public
to the sound
of crashing waves
returned to his seat
and started to pull up his levis.

We turned the radio off
so we could hear
a lecture.
The palm trees did not sway,
by the causeway,
by the ocean.

We were let go
with just a warning
to the sound
of black waves
crashing angry
against the shore.
Thank you officer.


Didi Menendez


Didi Menendez is the producer for several digital magazines. She is a single parent living in Miami, Florida.

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