Laurence Overmire


Chomping at the Bic

A pen grew out of my eyeball and
Demanded I write down what I

Else my brain would be overrun
By foreign legions of emotion
Viking-like fellows with red

Yellow teeth and absolutely no respect
For women or children or the old folks
Who temper folly and guide us all toward

No Guitar, No Voice

Lennon and McCartney
Were poets who could play
Guitar, good thing too
Otherwise they'd have just been
Poets, but then
John would never have been shot and
Paul would still be
Looking for a publisher in a
Grimy hole in Liverpool.

Don't Blink

One minute, I cried
     The next minute, I died

-Somewhere in between, my life-

(much, much too short for anyone to)




    Laurence Overmire is an American actor/director/writer who has worked on stage, film and television. His poetry has been widely published in the U.S. and abroad, including "Kimera," "Main Street Rag Poetry Journal," "Bardo Burner," "American Muse," "Lynx: Poetry from Bath," "Poetry DownUnder," "Stirring," "Thunder Sandwich," "Samsara Quarterly," "Jack Magazine," "The Hinterland," "Free Zone Quarterly," "Pogonip," "Kookamonga Square" and many others.

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