David Roskos


Poem for Narcos

Does the narco
have compassion
for the sick junkie
coke fiend?
Does the narco care?
Does the narco
comprehend addiction,
the nature
of disease?

The sirens never stop
up & down my block.
The sickness that prevails
pounds your head like nails.
Ya wander around trying to cop,
the loneliness dissolves you.
Crack, cocaine, heroin or bust--
pretty soon your bones be dust.

(If Satan appeared & turned his cock to coke,
I'da cooked it up for crack to smoke!)

Stop tapping your veins,
addict, before they collapse.
Quit thinkin' about
the rushes & highs
before you relapse
& get caught
in the throes
of the lows.

Because the narco does not care,
would just as soon pull you by your hair,
pound your fragile face with fists,
& lock you up in jail.


.......an exhortation to the people

Crucify a Christ
mastermind a heist
rob a bank or two

Roll a rich man
kick a tin can
be bad, bad, bad.

Enter into sin,
Fuck Fuck Fuck

Shit in the woods
like a bear
Declare that you
just don't care

Keep your planet
in your pocket
Steal some heirlooms;
Hurry! Hock it!

mashed potato kiss
everlasting bliss

crazy gun,
I almost
cocked it.
I moshed it!

Dig like a dog
Crawl like a cat
Hee Haw like a donkey
Bray like a brat!

do wha diddy
clean your kiddy

put your pudding
in her pie
kiss her deep
make her cry

Twirl a world
on your finger, baby,
stomp on a flower.



big hammer edited by david roskos
now available

David Roskos


     editor/publisher Big Hammer & Iniquity Press/Vendetta Books. Work as a furniture mover. have 2 poems in the meat section of the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. Six Year old son named Ayler. spends free time wandering around flea markets looking through milkcrates of used LPs.


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