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Time Out

fug a duck
men don't
care where
the beer spills
the piss lands
the clothes are thrown
dirty or otherwise
or how sad the bad
smell is when
the cheese is cut in
or the beerbelch lavalumps
spewing from the mouth like
limberger lemon...
-and whatta bout my poetry
"why do you write that shit..."
-cause you make
a bad poem
a good poem
i do change the crusty
sheets broomsweep the mattresspad
my fingers through
your long dry'd-out horsehair but
i need stuff
so get off the phone
get off your ass
drop everything
rush right over that's what
i pay you for
you don't pay me
it's a gift just
in case
we're contestants
on the judge judy show
know the rules
i say
i'll be right over to
watch you flick
the channel
FOX 29 news
over to
spongebob squarepants
back to
the fox
flick flick flick flick
a bic
it's time to
flick this
my clit
i want you to know my particular deadlines
what is a deadline -
take-in dinner every other night
without ? saucers
the gut increases like your gut
less rerun raunchy mr-know-it-all remarks
piss me off don't
piss on me
during sex
like you like to do
[remember it's a gift] so
what if i stroke my own hair
as you give me the finger
make it 2 - ^ high
go for the g place
i like it like that and
if i can do it so can you
i have feminine
protection and a
panty shield and
all the hOles
your little prick
will fit into and
i use them to(O)
the best of my ability on
you you and yea you
play me play you
play with
player player player
you are gifted
i am gifted
i need things
you need things
i need you you and you. and you
need .me. we
are even. still
with tin ears
men are BIG pricks with
pin penis pigmy dicks
[minus my faggot lover]
!savage!beasts! [luv]
well i am used to allthat
i need things
you [they] need things
.un.even. like fizz in an open can of 7^
athletes feet won't get you
to the finish line
and i need things
a new computer
color laser printer
[and the 4-100$ ea ink toners]
man attitude toleration
an extra ass to kiss
a super stereo sound machine with
at least 300 watts
give me $$$'s to gamble
give me give me give me
2 thousand 2 hundred 9 $$$ $$$ $$$'s &
gas to get
to the gaming hall in
atlantic city i need
a tune up an oil change new tires for
my shack on wheels
[1997 ford fullsize fully equipp'd conversion van]
so i can fuck
somebody else on the back
bench seat with
a bigger
cock [for free]and
a name
i don't ask for
and who has hair
longer than the length
of california
and likes to .watch.
patrolman police car porn videos on
the vcr
just like i do
with my legs spread against
your face
just like that
and i like it when
you watch me and
i watch you and we all go off
into another state of
which [but with]


cait collins---> Time Out

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