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Michael McNeilley
10.19.45 - 07.16.00



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"Really wish I could've moved out your way, but lainie seems to think earthquakes are real, and aliens are less threatening. (she always knows when I mention her name. she just opened the door and handed me a banana.) She is such a little doll, I couldn't be happier. even her cats have learned to put up with me."
- Michael McNeilley -

From a letter sent to me April 18, 2000
Dancing Bear
Mitakuye oyasin (All my relations),
Editor-in-Chief, Disquieting Muses


Obituary/Eulogy by Francis Till •


Michael McNeilley co-edited Zero City, with JJ Webb; was Founding Director of the National Student News Service; worked as a reporter and correspondent in Washington, DC; and has published hundreds of poems and stories in magazines such as New York Quarterly, New Delta Review, Poet, Chicago Review, Oyster Boy Review, Cross-Connect, Sonoma Mandala, Hyphen, Minotaur, Slipstream, Cafe Review, Pink Cadillac, Chiron Review, Poetry Motel, Plazm, DAM, Lilliput Review, Boulliabaisse, Writers' Forum, Green Fuse, Rockford Review, Mississippi Review, God's Bar Unplugged, Impetus, Tight, xib, Penny Dreadful, Exquisite Corpse, Atom Mind and elsewhere, including websites worldwide.

McNeilley's new book, Situational Reality, is available from Dream Horse Press, San Jose, CA - write dbear@value.net
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